Tim O’Shea and Rich Maloy, gurus of community building who were involved in the original Startup Week that took place in Boulder, Colorado. These guys have a passion for building community in their city and helping other communities do the same.

Tim works with social and technical information and its expressive emergence via networks. As industries align to new parameters and possibilities, Tim identifies trends in technology, media, brand & product development, content & distribution with an eye toward development potential. Early involvement with a variety of start-ups led him to developing a digital asset management and distribution methodology for the nation wide spectrum of Public Radio. More recently, Tim has served as technical advisor and implementation specialist for Boulder area start-ups and nonprofits including Techstars, Foundry Group, Avery Brewing Company, 303 Vodka, Buffalo Exchange, GoLite, Gibbon Slacklines, Lighthouse Solar, BMOCA, Meals on Wheels and the Center for Resource Conservation. Tim’s interdisciplinary awareness along with his intuitive, technical and strategic insights have served start-ups and growing companies for nearly two decades.