Overview of Services

Offering best of class, affordable consultation and implementation of:

Wireless and Wired Networks

  • Wired and Wireless network architecture, engineering & implementation
    • Gigabit rated network backbones
    • Top end AC-class wireless speed standards
    • Central management
    • 100% coverage
  • Wireless tuning and coverage enhancement
    • Long range line-of-sight network extensions
    • High availability and capacity planning
  • Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) consultation
  • Network utilization monitoring, reporting and forensics
  • Vendor negotiation & engagement

Data Storage, Backup and Recovery

  • Design and implementation of data storage arrays
    • Both network attached storage (NAS) and direct attached
  • Backup replication and cloud storage
  • Logical data recovery
    • Corrupt / Crashed hard drives and arrays

Additional Services

  • Security Audits & Forensics
  • Linux administration
  • Google Apps administration and execution
    • Email migration expertise
    • Collaborative calendars and team streamlining
  • Vendor liaison and service advocate
  • General IT Support Requests
  • Free “Second Opinion” review of quotes for equipment & services